Top 5 Best Movie Streaming Websites and Platforms [Recommended by Reddit]

Top 5 Best Movie Streaming Websites and Platforms [Recommended by Reddit]

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Top 5 Best Movie Streaming Websites and Platforms [Recommended by Reddit]

(Top 5 Best Movie Streaming Websites and Platforms ): Many people are ditching cable and turning to stream websites increasingly. You can find movies that are classic as well as those recently released in the theaters.

Nobody wants to pay for content and all of us love watching movies and TV series for free.

That’s why we’re providing you with the best movie streaming sites so that you can enjoy non-stop streaming sites.

There are countless streaming platforms these days and people wonder if there are alternatives that don’t require them to buy subscriptions.

Luckily, you don’t have to pay for streaming services to get the movie you love.

Let’s take at the best movie streaming sites just like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney plus.

1. GoStream.Site


This is a free streaming service allowing you to watch any TV show or movie you love to watch.

Each of them ends with a different domain so that authorities aren’t able to track and shut down for illegally streaming videos.

Some websites will ask you for sign-up and account creation before you can watch anything, but the Gostream, site doesn’t require this.

You just have to find the movie you want to watch and click the host server so that you can start watching your favorite movie no matter where you are.

The best thing is that you can watch all the recently released TV shows and movies.

However, the quality of videos cannot be great.

You will be able to enjoy the best of all worlds with this movie streaming site.

The Gostream site comes with a wide range of options like genres, Movies, TV series, and top shows.

Also, you can find movies that date beyond 1950. GoStreat.

The site is a great platform allowing you to enjoy free streaming Without any issues.

Click on any show and it will take you to a page where you can enjoy a movie.

The site has a large collection of free movies.

2. Putlocker


Putlocker is a movie streaming website that brings all the classic and new movies and TV shows.

Even though the original website has been taken down, mirrors and copies still exist.

Law enforcement has cracked down on many websites that stream copyrighted content and many of them have been looking for legal alternatives to this content.

The putlocker site provides all streaming movies and TV shows free of cost.

Putlocker has grown to become one of the most reliable internet archives for movies and TV series just like Netflix and Amazon.

You can get a fast VPN with an ad malware blocker to use the Putlocker securely.

Putlocker is a top movie streaming service that has divided its movies into different genres.

Country of origin, alphabetical order, and IMDB ratings that make it easy for you to navigate, through a variety of movies and shows that look interesting.

However, the drawback of the website is that it has a lot of pop-up ads, so you need to be patient while watching movies.

According to Redditors, you can enjoy the latest Hollywood movies here with so much clarity and good graphics.

You just have to search for the movie you like and enjoy them at a fast speed.

3. PopCornFlix


Popcornflix website is a free demand streaming service that comes with classic and latest movies and TV shows offered without the hassle of any monthly subscription.

There’s a lot of content to watch on Popcornflix that comes with pop-up ads.

The signup process is extremely simple and is available on a wide range of platforms, so you won’t have much trouble finding it.

However, it offers signing up for an account.

Also, there’s no need to share your personal information like address or credit card number.

As you sign up, you can fine-tune your streaming experience.

Popcornflix streams smoothly and had a poor resolution in the web application.

Some most popular TV series available to watch on this streaming site are 3rd Rock from the sun, Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen nightmares, Popeye, The Man Show, Hunter, etc.

It is recommended to get a VPN to protect your privacy and anonymity when streaming a movie and TV show.

You can enjoy a large range of TV shows and movies from trending series to classic series.

The service is compatible with all iOS and Android devices, including Role, Apple TV, and Amazon.

So, get a VPN and enjoy smooth streaming easily.

4. Snagfilms


Snagfilms is a website where you can watch thousands of free movies online.

The movies have ads but they have short durations and they’re in less quantity.

The video quality of these movies is high and you can smoothly stream them.

One section of the website is where new and famous movies can be found.

There are a lot of genres you can choose from.

These can be a crime, African, health, food, and others.

There are other collections and movies that are not included in any genre but are popular.

You can fast-forward the movie and watch it of your choice.

It has a collection of documentaries and videos of different genres.

The feature of the service is that it doesn’t offer the latest TV series and movies.

Also, the website allows you to make other changes including an increase and decrease in volume.

You can continue watching free movies without signing up.

5. Tubi TV

Tubi TV

Tubi is a free streaming service that offers on-demand content including the latest and classic TV series and movies.

It has advertisements and commercials for the content.

The headquarters of Tubi TV is in San Fransisco, a United States-based company.

There are millions of Tubi TV active users.

Tubi is available to stream through a regular internet browser and is made available to all the devices that can be connected to the web.

Tubi doesn’t require signing up and enhances your experience.

It offers no-cost services, but Tubi TV has ads.

You can sign up for a free account to get started on the web.

The site organizes films and shows into four major categories like popular, genres, collections, and channels.

Tubi also shows recommendations for other movies that might look interested to you. 


Everyone loves to watch amazing video content for free. So we have chosen the Top 5 Best Movie Streaming Websites and Platforms, The movie streaming sites reviewed above are the top picks for enjoying movies and TV series. So, make a good choice and enjoy streaming!

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