How To Fix Vudu Playback Error

How To Fix Vudu Playback Error?

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Many users are complaining about different errors on the Vudu app. And we are going to discuss how to fix the Vudu playback error with the help of different methods.

Read this article carefully we hope after reading this article you can fix this error.

Vudu is a media streaming service that can be used to watch movies and TV shows. Their HDX standard provides the user with an HD video quality of up to 1080p.

But users may get this error message, “Play’ to play at average speed.”

The playback speed is too fast. Please pause this title and wait until playback has caught up before selecting ‘Play’ to play at average speed.”

How to Fix Vudu Playback Error?

How to fix vudu playback error by upgrading your current Internet connection and depending on the type of internet you’re using: Dial-up Browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome require a particular kind of plugin for them to work with this service.

You can also configure your current browser, so it works as well. For more help, you can contact Vudu’s Client Care Service.

If your Internet connection is too slow or if you’re using the Mobile Device App, you’d need to wait for a couple of minutes before Vudu will play your video or movie since the playback’s speed is breakneck.

This issue will be solved once their servers are less congested already.

If you’re not using any of these services, it means your computer can’t handle high-quality HD videos because you don’t have the proper hardware to match them.

There are a few things your computer must have to be able to work with this stuff.

It would help if you had a fast Internet connection, an HDCP-compliant graphics card, and a compatible sound system, at the least.

Change DNS Address

There are different ways of how to fix  Vudu playback error.

Another reason for this error is because of DNS address issues. There are specific devices that need a particular type of address to work with the internet.

But some don’t even use it since they can access different types of video streaming sites without problems. To change your current DNS only takes a couple of minutes and depends on the kind of service you’re using (dial-up, DSL, etc.).

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Before changing your current DNS address, make sure to write down the original one first.

You must configure it instead for those who use a router or gateway as their point of connection with the internet since all network traffic goes through there.

There are two ways you can do this:

1. Manually configure your router (recommended)

2. Change DNS entry in the web browser (easy)

Adding Additional DNS Entries to Your Router or Gateway

You can only change the current settings on your internet connection for this one time instead of configuring it through your router’s administration panel.

So, if you’re using your router’s administration panel to set up the internet connection, you can add DNS settings here instead so other devices in your network will have access to it.

You can find these settings through your router’s manufacturer’s website.

In general, the DNS settings will either be located in the router’s administration panel, or you’ll have to go through a specific page on your router dedicated to changing this type of information.

Delete Channel

If you’re using Vudu on your browser, try deleting the channel and re-adding it again. To delete the track, click on ‘Manage Channel’ and then ‘Delete.’ You can find this under the My Channels section of your account.

Playback Issue on Mobile Device or Channel

This usually is due to Vudu intermittently changing its channel lineup without notifying its subscribers.

When this happens, the subscriber can no longer access all of the channels and video content they were previously using and streaming through the service.

That is why you need to check the online help pages of Vudu for what movies and TV shows are available at that time.

CyclingPower Cycling Vudu:

On December 23, 2014, many Vudu users complained about their televisions no longer recognizing the HDMI connection from their media players.

This Problem Most Commonly Occurs with Vizio Televisions, and the Latest Update is Causing Significant Issues for those with This Type of Television:

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The Vudu app on Vizio TV is not working after the Xfinity update.

Vizio TV recognizes the Vudu as something else, and it’s not coming up as an input choice. This has happened to several people I know with Vizios. – JAMisonDJ

After the recent Xfinity update, Vizio TV will no longer recognize the Vudu app on HDMI 4 screen, so I can’t get to the app.

This is a new issue and does not appear on any other devices in the home when connected through HDMI 4. – DDCMD.

Vudu users with Vizio televisions are usually able to fix this problem by power cycling their television (turning it off for 10 seconds and then back on again).

It will show “Vizio” as the input option once again and allow you to access the Vudu app.

However, it appears that Comcast is aware of this issue and is currently working on a fix:
“We have been able to identify the cause of the problem for some customers who reported their Vizio TVs.

Were not recognizing their VUDU boxes, and we’re working with the manufacturer to resolve it.

“We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.”
If you are having an issue with your Vizio TV, power cycling your television will restore access to Vudu until Comcast releases a fix for this problem.

VUDU: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Playback Issue on Channel

If you’re not getting any error messages, How to fix vudu playback error by refreshing your browser or restarting it.

Sometimes, if you have multiple tabs open with Vudu on each one, the software might not recognize your account or device as a valid subscriber.

If this happens, each tab will show different content, and you won’t access the same channels as the other devices.

You can also update your browser’s software version.

Older browsers may not provide the proper security settings for Vudu, which can cause playback issues.

What is the Importance of BMR?

Broadcast Management Radio (BMR) is a technology that allows your television to communicate directly with the satellites. This means you get a clearer picture and a more reliable streaming experience of live TV.

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Why Does VUDU Say My Disc Player is Not Supported, But it’s Listed on The Compatibility List?

Version updates are crucial to your digital entertainment experience.

By updating our software periodically, we can ensure that your VUDU player will continue to operate smoothly and reliably.

How Can I Change My Credit Card Information?

You cannot change your payment information by logging into the account management page on Vudu’s website, but you can do so by calling their Customer Support line at 877-553-8870.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Movie from Vudu?

Vudu is a video-on-demand service that doesn’t charge members monthly or yearly fees for watching or renting movies. You can buy or rent a movie directly from the website for as low as $.99.

How Much Data Do I use When Streaming from Vudu?

If you’re using standard definition, you’ll use about 0.43GB per hour.

If you’re using high-definition, it will use about 1GB per hour.

Do I Need to be Connected to the Internet to Rent or Buy a Movie on Vudu?

Yes. For you to rent or buy a movie on Vudu, you need to be connected to the internet with either your home broadband service or through your smartphone’s mobile data plan.

You can also connect it to a wireless network if you’re at a location that offers free WiFi as a public library or cafe.


if you want to enjoy Vudu on your Vizio TV, make sure you have the latest update from Comcast. Older versions of Xfinity might cause this error and prevent you from accessing Vudu on your Vizio TV.

If this problem persists after updating to a recent version, power cycling your TV will restore access until Comcast comes out with a fix for this problem.

You experience any problems with your Vizio TV and Vudu, feel free to leave your comments in the section below.

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