How to Overcome Apeirophobia

How to Overcome Apeirophobia?

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How to Overcome Apeirophobia?

(How to Overcome Apeirophobia?) By Following Below Steps:

The vastness of eternity in time to come, or even eternity in time past.

The mind cannot comprehend anything beyond itself,

so fear is the most common response when presented with what it can’t understand.

Why Not Make it a Positive Experience?

The mind constantly categorizes new information into our awareness, making us afraid of anything we can’t understand.

This creates a belief in lack. Since Apeirophobia is primarily an emotional response to the vastness of eternity,

it’s logical that overcoming it will lead to greater fulfillment in life. 

A simple five-minute meditation session can begin this process for you today.

Focus Your Mind, Such as “Stillness, Balance, or Acceptance.

Breathe in a word or phrase to help focus your mind, such as “stillness,” “balance,” or “acceptance.”

You may even wish to imagine a vast space all around you at first.

As your breath and the phrase take hold of your conscious experience,

begin to notice how your fear operates within you. 

Observe yourself as you feel anxiety rising, and try to understand why it’s occurring. 

It is possible to overcome apeirophobia, whether the fear of infinity or the fear of eternity. 

This article will show you how to get rid of your apeirophobia using examples and personalized exercises.

The ways to Overcome Apeirophobia has been divided into 3 terms

1. Understanding and Accepting that there is No Logical Reason to Fear Infinity or Eternity: 

As we will see in the following, infinity and eternity are abstract concepts, free of any physical reality.

They can’t cause us any real damage, so it makes sense to stop fearing them and give up on avoiding such an improbable event which nonetheless does not exist.

2. Understanding and Accepting that You Unavoidably Experience Infinity and Eternity in Your Life:

Even though they can’t harm us, we constantly encounter such concepts in our everyday lives.

This makes it challenging to stop fearing them because we don’t see the path to get rid of what seemingly causes us such anxiety.

We will see that the fear of infinity and eternity is due to a common misconception that uses examples from everyday life.

3. Overcoming Your Apeirophobia through Gradual Exposure: 

It is the riskiest part because we will need to confront ourselves with the concepts of infinity and eternity (without having infinite or eternal time to accomplish it or being exposed to an indefinite or endless situation).

In the second part of this article, we will gradually expose ourselves to infinity and eternity without taking too much risk.

Is the vast emptiness too much for your mind to handle? 

Do You Want Things to be Different than They are Right Now?

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These things may come up in your meditation. 

We must understand our emotions well and experience the feeling before we can overcome them.

And If you’re not willing to do this, then meditation may be too advanced for you right now. 

Meditation is far more than just a tool for spiritual development, but a way of genuinely coming to know yourself better, which will allow you to see life from a new perspective. 

If you’re willing to experience your fear of the infinite, then go ahead and continue sharing it for a few minutes.

Remember that everyone experiences some degree of Apeirophobia, even if they don’t realize it. 

Our minds constantly categorize new information to simplify our world, but this process can be complicated since nothing can be reduced to a singular concept. 

When we can put ourselves in a state of stillness and acceptance, we allow our mind to find its natural equilibrium. 

I use the word balance instead of relaxation because it more accurately describes what you’ll experience on your journey towards inner peace. 

You may even begin to feel at home within the vast emptiness all around you, seeing how everything is connected in the end. 

This can be a truly exhilarating experience, but it doesn’t have to happen all at once.

How Much It take to Understand what’s happening with yourself:

You must take your time with it and go slowly enough to understand what’s happening within yourself.

Sometimes this means taking several weeks or even months to reach proper equilibrium. 

If you’re diligent, the reward is well worth the effort. You now have a good idea of how to overcome Apeirophobia through meditation.

It’s also possible that you may be feeling more fulfilled in your daily life, which can bring about even more significant changes.

Your mind will grow tired of thinking in fear, and it will start to think in terms of love instead automatically. 

It is the point where you’ll begin to see everything as equals, without judgment or attachments. I wish you great peace on your journey towards greater truth.

Life can remain exciting once we understand it for what it is. 


You may have heard of “apeirophobia” before, but you might not have known what it was.

When people are confronted with infinity or eternity, their minds can’t handle the vast emptiness, and they experience a feeling of dread.

But there is no logical reason to fear these concepts.

One would argue that, if anything, we should embrace them!

The three phases outlined above will help you overcome your apeirophobia,

by gradually exposing yourself to the concept until it becomes positive rather than negative.


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