How to Overcome Pied

How to Overcome Pied?

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How to Overcome Pied?

(How to Overcome Pied?)Pied is a state in which your hamster has lost all interest in food.

Even when you try to feed it through the bars of its cage, it will pretend not to see.

Do hamster Owners Need to Know that One of the Most Common Features of Syrian Hamsters is that they are Pied?

Syrians are white with entirely black eyes at birth; this color change starts around two weeks when their first coat comes in.

It becomes easier to identify a pied hamster because the white markings will be present from about two weeks of age.

Hamster owners must know if their pet is pied because it can affect the care that they give to their pet.

For example, a pied hamster should not be paired up with a white sibling as there could be problems with inbreeding.

Pied hamsters should not be kept with a non-pied hamster either because they will not make good companions.

Owners looking to breed their pied animals should know that the markings on the babies will not tell if they will be marked.

However, they could try pairing it up with a sibling (born of the same litter) to increase the chances of a pied baby.

If you look closely at some pied hamsters, you can notice that they have an off-white tint to their coloring and the white markings.

When you touch your hamster all over, and it feels smooth like glass, but certain parts around the stomach feel a little more coarse, your hamster is most likely pied.

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Your hamster refuses to eat, and then there is a good chance that it is pied.

What Causes Pied?

Before treating pied you should need to know about how to overcome pied.

Many things can cause your hamster to be pied, such as illness or depression.

How Do I Cure Pied?

As with most behavior problems, prevention is better than cure.

To prevent being pied, make sure to try out different types of food to see what your hamster likes best.

If you are changing brands or trying new foods, make sure that you do it gradually over a few days.

This will help reduce adverse reactions and encourage positive behavior in your hamster.

To prevent habituation, you need to keep your hamster’s environment constantly changing.

What Can I Do About it?

Again, this means that feeding through the bars will not work.

It would be best to try something new to entice your hamster, such as feeding it through a different door; you could try giving them fresh foods.

Another option is to place some food in a toy or corner of the cage that your hamster has never had access to before.

The key here is to be creative and come up with new ways of feeding your hamster.

How Long Does Habituation Last?

Habituation will only last as long as it takes for your hamster to realize that food is not coming from the first place you tried.

This could take anywhere between one week and two months.

How Long Will it Take for My Hamster to Recover?

My advice would be to keep your hamster occupied by changing up the location of food, dishes, and toys, etc.
In addition, you could try using new treats and feeding through a different door in the cage.

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It takes anywhere between one week and two months, depending on the severity of your hamster’s behavior.

If your hamster is only pied, you should see an improvement within one week to two months.

Your hamster is habituated, then you will see an improvement within a week.

What You Can Do to Help Your Hamster Recover Faster:

Use multiple toys in the cage, so your hamster has more than one thing to play with, a shift around the location of the food dishes and water bottles.

Add an extra layer of complexity by using treats or placing some dry food inside a hiding spot, like a toilet roll tube.

Avoid dark areas for your hamster’s cage, which could cause them to feel down.

Also, try not to place the cage in an area of high traffic with loud noises, as this can make your hamster nervous.

Place some food inside a toy or corner of your hamster’s cage that they have never had access to before.

Try feeding your hamster through a different door in the cage than the one you usually use, Try using new types of food, such as fresh vegetables and fruits.

Do not place multiple foods in one area of your hamster’s cage, as this can cause cross-contamination.


We have discussed how to overcome pied by following steps, As you can see, Syrian hamsters are a little different from the common pet.

They’re not as simple to care for and may require some special considerations if they happen to develop pied.

However, with proper rehabilitation techniques, your furry friend will be back up on its feet in no time!

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If you’ve had any experience caring for or rehabilitating these fuzzy critters, please leave us a comment below – we’d love to hear about it!


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