How to Stop the Avast browser from Opening on Start-up

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The Avast application arrives from the famous antivirus designers.

Avast Antivirus and Internet security are used to protect business computers in the home or office from malware like viruses and other network intrusions to avoid unauthorized access.

Avast shield handles the security program’s protection features.

This popular antivirus is used by a lot of people to secure their computers.

However, there’s one annoying thing about the antivirus that is bugging a lot of people.

The Avast browser launches automatically at start-up.

A lot of programs run on our PC, and we can be unaware of the Avast browser opens on start-up.

We only know when our PC starts getting slower.

Reasons Why Avast Browser Automatically Opens on Start-up?

Many people don’t know that they have installed the Avast browser, just like other Avast products.

Users unintentionally accept Avast as their default browser and provide the Avast browser with permission to install itself and launch automatically on the device start-up.

Hence, users get surprised to see the Avast browser automatically opening up every time their computer starts.

Some users find this disgusting to have it opened automatically.

How to stop the avast browser from opening on startup

Nearly all users are not aware that they have installed Avast browsers as they buy additional Avast products.

As consumers purchase these products, they don’t observe that they have unintentionally given the web browser permission to release them immediately.

So, when users see the browser launching every time, they get amazed.

Unfortunately, it has become a major problem among users.

As you see your laptop lagging after booting to windows, you can disable Avast Secure Browser on start-up can enhance the speed of your operating system.

How to Disable the Avast Browser on Start-up?

Nothing is more disgusting than the Avast browser launching as soon as windows start.

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You can stop the browser from opening by modifying settings.

1. How to Disable the Browser by the Task Manager?

The settings can be changed in the task manager and are one of the simplest ways to effectively enable the application that this location can be found with all start-up software.

You just need to start with launching a task manager as you keep pressing Ctrl + Shift + I continuously.

Users will see different sections in the manager. These include Efficiency, Application history, and others.

You will have to press the start-up tab to see the list of the applications that start whenever the system starts.

Go to the link for Avast Safe Application and right-click on this option.

Click the ‘Disable’ button. In order to avoid appearing in the browser, uninstall it here.

2. Uninstall Avast Browser Using Control Panel

A database of any programs that run on a device can be easily found in a control panel, and you disable a program here so that it doesn’t appear when you don’t want it to.

So, if a user doesn’t like to have the Avast browser opening up automatically as the computer starts.

They can disable it whenever they want using the control panel.

Also, you can download it later.
To disable the Avast browser using the control panel, you just have to follow the simple steps listed below:
• Move to the control panel
• Choose to get the program you want to uninstall
• It’s important to ensure that you have chosen the Avast app and not the Avast Virus Protection application
• Tap on the Avast application by tapping on it. You will be guided to follow measures.
• Pick continuing and delete.

3. How to Stop Avast from Settings in the Browser?

Adjustment of the browser settings is another effective way to prevent Windows from loading.

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• Open a web browser and click on the three dots appearing in the top right corner of the screen.
• The setting menu of the browser will open.
• Scroll down, and you will find the title named’ On Startup.
• Here, you will see the option ‘Launch Avast Browser automatically when your system starts.’
• If the browser starts by itself, you should know that this option is active.
• There is a slider bar before it. Slide it left to disable the function.

Don’t want an Avast Secure Browser? Uninstall it now

Another option to get rid of the problem is to uninstall the Avast antivirus with the removal tool.

You need to log onto windows with administrator access. Make sure there are no applications and antivirus software runs in the background.

You can download “Avast Uninstall Utility” and protect it in a standard location.
Use an Alternative Browser

If you want to install a secure browser and don’t want it to appear, again and again, causing discomfort and inconvenience just like the Avast browser does.

It’s better to move to a browser that needs your consent before it opens and doesn’t launch itself without permission.

Kingpin is a good choice to make. It is a private browser and doesn’t store any session details.

Even if this browser is your default browser, it doesn’t open automatically.

It opens in incognito mode by default, so your sessions are private from anyone who can access your system.

It blocks ads, and if it closes accidentally, you can reopen it with a secure code.

How to Uninstall the Avast Browser on Windows on MAC?

Open the Settings app. To do this, you have to press Windows Key + I
Go to the Apps section
Now select the Avast browser and click Uninstall.

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You just have to follow the instructions on the screen to complete the process.


No matter how good the application is, if it appears unwantedly on the start-up, it is annoying and disgusting.

The Avast Secure Browser is useful, but it takes over your system and tries to control the browser preferences causing trouble by automatically starting up.

Plus, it might have been downloaded with the Avast Antivirus software.

However, you can stop the browser from appearing again and again and uninstall it.

We have explained the simplest and easiest ways for you to cope with such problems and prevent such applications from causing damage to your system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Avast Browser Good?
Avast browser is one of the efficient browsers that provides you with anti-tracking, ad blocker, anti-phishing, and other tools.

You can download it on all versions of windows, and you don’t have to download Avast Antivirus to use the program.
Why Does the Avast Browser Pop up at the Start-up?
One of the major reasons why the Avast browser pops up at the start-up may be because you have given permission.
How to Stop Avast Browser from Opening at the Start-up?
You can use any of the above simple ways to disable the Avast browser and stop it from opening at the start-up again and again.

You can install and use the Advanced PC cleanup that has a dedicated start-up manager that allows you to remove the Avast browser with a few clicks.


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