How to Overcome Sexually Imortally

How to Overcome Sexual Immorality?

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How to Overcome Sexual Immorality?

    (How to Overcome Sexual Immorality?) By Following These Steps:

We live in a world obsessed with sex and immorality, and we often feel like we can’t escape it.

Whether we’re scrolling through Facebook or flipping channels on TV, immodesty is thrown at us from every angle. 

It’s almost impossible to avoid sexual content in our culture because the human brain is wired to feel attracted to such things, and we can’t ever escape that reality.

For this reason, it feels like the only way forward is to live in a world where we must constantly objectify ourselves and our bodies;

We may give in to certain temptations if we know they won’t be damaging.

Many Peoples live according to some code that is drawn up by their conscience.

 We all have a fight inside of us that wants to live according to our desires, at the same time, we are told by society that what we feel attracted to is wrong.

This creates an incredible amount of turmoil because our fleshly desires are constantly battling against our spirit.

It’s tough for any human being to overcome sexual immorality when we continue to live in a world obsessed with it. 

This is why he said the things He did because He knew firsthand what was going on in this world.

So How Do We Overcome Sexual Immorality?

First of all, we have to know that the problem of sexual immorality doesn’t lie solely in our bodies.

It is a genuine struggle for us to live according to what we know is correct,

but it’s a war that takes place on several fronts:

Inside of Our Minds:

The reason why most people struggle with sexual immorality is that they battle it on the inside.

We can lock ourselves in a room and avoid all of these temptations,

it doesn’t mean that we’re bad people or don’t want to follow God’s will for our life,

But is hard to overcome this type of desire.

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Outside Of Our Mind:

Some people have it even worse than this because they are so caught up in the immorality around them that it infiltrates every fiber of their being. 

This means that sexual sin is all they can think about day in and day out, regardless of what they do.

It’s almost like an addiction that takes over their life;

all they can think about is how to fulfill their desires, regardless of the consequences.

It would be nice to avoid sexual immorality around us altogether,

This is why we have to pray that God will protect us from this constant barrage of temptation

And that He will give us the strength necessary to overcome it when it does come our way.

But still, some battle sexual immorality on both fronts:

They are constantly tempted by what’s around them, and they’re also drawn continuously by what’s going on in their mind. 

What Can We Do to Overcome these kinds of Temptations?

We need to realize that no matter how much we try and remove ourselves from this type of temptation,

Because of this, we need to make ourselves aware that every time we open up Facebook or watch TV or do anything else,

For some people, it might not be as bad as others because their flesh is still somewhat at rest.

But we can’t ever rely on this; we have to make ourselves available for God’s grace and protection

before we even do anything and then pray that He will give us the strength necessary to remain pure.

And just like with any other struggle in life,

we continue to need His help because it takes a lot of power and effort to overcome these things.  

We cannot do this independently because even though He has given us the ability, it takes a lot to fulfill it. 

If this sounds like you, you must make yourself available before God and pray for Him to help you overcome your desires.

He knows our frame, and He is well aware of our weaknesses; if we let Him into our lives, He can help us overcome these things.

The next thing that we need to do is refuse to let sexual immorality come into our lives in the first place because it’s so much harder to get rid of something once it’s already inside us.

How Do Cinema And Tv affect Our Minds?

In the Modern Era, Tv and Cinema 18+ Adult Content Movies are the main reasons behind sexual immortality.

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That means refusing TV shows, movies, books, conversations, etc., that are too risqué;

if there are too complex for us to handle, it’s better not to subject our minds to them.

The third thing that we need to do is open up our lives before God because He can shine His light into the darkest of places and uncover all of our hidden secrets.

That means that if there are things that you’ve done or things that you haven’t done but are thinking about whether or not to do,

God wants all of us to make sure that we come clean before Him. 

Some people might want to think that they can sneak around behind His back and get away with it, but He knows everything regardless. 

Maybe not the exact details, but He knows all about our hearts and what’s going on in our minds regardless of whether or not we come to Him for help.

Letting God into our lives might sound scary because it means opening up all of our secrets.

So. that He can look at them, but the truth is that there isn’t anything that we can hide from Him.

He wants to help us and give us the strength that we need to overcome our temptations,

but it starts with making ourselves available for His grace.

It’s important to remember that God doesn’t want us to go through any of this alone;

it may not seem like it sometimes, but He loves every one of us. 

He wants us to focus on Him and allow Him to do His job of bringing our life into the light because that’s where we’ll feel most comfortable.     

Is you’re struggling with sexual immorality, turn to God and ask for help because He can get rid of it from your life once and for all!


We should trust in God’s Ability and Power because He can do things that we never even thought were possible. 

When we feel weak and alone, we must turn to Him and ask for His help because He will provide it unconditionally. 

Remember that He loves us all unconditionally, and He wants to help us because it brings Him joy when we’re able to overcome our temptations.

God works in mysterious ways so let’s not underestimate His power,

We should always come to Him with our problems because He will be there for us.


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