Top 5 Best Torrenting VPN

Top 5 Best Torrenting VPN

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Top 5 Best Torrenting VPN

(Top 5 Best Torrenting VPN): Redditors love their privacy and many Redditors who use torrents, also used the recommended VPNs (Virtual Private Networks).

There are hundreds of VPNs out there, but Redditors recommend using some specific VPNs to have a great experience.

We researched through several forums popular among the Reddit users who do torrent and found the top recommendations of VPNs for torrenting.

Redditors have mentioned these VPNs many times and they are worthwhile.

Torrenting is about peer-to-peer share and you can connect with any other computer for downloading purposes.

When doing torrenting, you are likely to suffer from problems like Cyber-attacks, hacking, virus, malware, visible IP address, ISP monitoring.

So, these can be issues you are most likely to face when torrenting without a VPN.

Best VPN for Torrenting Reddit

Let’s take a look at the best VPNs for torrenting recommended by Redditors:

  • NordVPN
  • ExpressVPN
  • ProtonVPN
  • PIA
  • CyberGhost

1. NordVPN


The NordVPN service is highly recommended by Reddit users and is unique as it offers dedicated P2P servers.

These servers help in maximizing downloading speeds and maintain the security of the network.

The NordVPN integrated with the torrent clients and ensure that your anonymity is maintained well.

The service performs well to mask your IP address and connect you to secure servers through a private channel.

Also, the VPN is equipped with switch and DNS leak protection ensuring that your location doesn’t leak.

With a quick search on Reddit, you will see a lot of information and opinions on VPNs for torrenting.

This VPN offers outstanding performance, for both mobile and desktop variants.

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Whenever VPNs are mentioned, the NordVPN is always preferred by everyone who uses torrent.

NordVPN is loaded with excellent features and provides the best download speed for torrent users through the use of key technologies.

  • Great performance
  • Works well on both mobile and desktop variants
  • Has 5000 servers to choose from
  • There is no third party involvement
  • Server management is autonomous
  • Limited selection of countries to choose from
  • Limited VPN protocols

2. CyberGhost


CyberGhost is also the most recommended and best VPN for torrenting.

They offer both free as well as paid versions, but with limitations.

Having a free version, you can not connect to all the servers.

Also, you are more likely to have slow speed and less bandwidth limit with the free version.

Whereas, the paid versions ensure that you are secure in the internet world.

The CyberGhost prevents DNS leaks and has a no-logging policy.

The Cyberghost will hide your IP address from onlookers and has dedicated servers for both torrenting as well as streaming.

Torrenting with CyberGhost brings the speed and security of the user.

The service remains underrated so that feds and hackers don’t attack.

  • Specialized servers for streaming and torrenting
  • Transparency reports are available
  • Less visible to government organizations
  • Expensive as compared to competitors
  • It has a lower server count compared to its competitors

3. ExpressVPN


We hear a lot about ExpressVPn and is one of the most popularly used VPNs.

As you do a quick search in order to find the best VPN, you will get to see the top-rated ExpressVPN among the top picks.

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ExpressVPN is a virtual private network that all the Reddit users as well as torrent users recommend and are familiar with.

The performance of this VPN makes it stand out among its competitors.

The speed is also excellent and dependable regardless of the country you’re operating it in.

The VPN features a large number of applications that include Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, Chromebook, Amazon Kindle, and Blackberry devices.

Also, other extensions like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are used.

  • Flexible VPN
  • Easy to Use
  • Lots of countries
  • A comprehensive list of servers to choose from
  • No-logs policy
  • ExpressVPN is expensive as compared to competitors

4. ProtonVPN


The ProtonVPN is located in Switzerland and is recommended by millions of users and Redditors in particular.

The VPN, initially conceptualized as an extension to ProtonMail, is originated from a country that is known for its free speech laws as well as privacy.

The no-logs policy of this VPN makes it trustworthy and its anonymity is to ensure that your IP address doesn’t get exposed and you’re invisible over all the networks.

The ProtonVPn maintains a transparency report that discloses every time when third parties request user information.

The ProtonVPN doesn’t log your session data. However, they record, email addresses, support requests, payment information, and bug reports.

With the ProtonVPN, everyone will get access to secure and private internet browsing.

  • Advanced server security
  • It withstands bombings
  • Free plans are available
  • Fewer servers as compared to competitors
  • No live chat feature available

5. PIA (Private Internet Access)

PIA (Private Internet Access)

Private Internet Access is one of the oldest and largest VPN providers.

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It ranks higher than other top-rated VPNs such as NordVPN and ExpressVPN.

It offers dozens of country options and thousands of servers you can choose from.

PIA has the highest speed servers in more than 30 countries.

Other features of the VPN like DNS leak protection, unlimited bandwidth, fast speeds, and SED-256 encryption.

PIA has assured that anonymity is taken care of.

The PIA integrates with popular torrent clients. PIA is a popular alternative to the NordVPN.

The service comes with instructions including that help in setting up the VPN port forwarding service while connected to the server.

The PIA has high-speed servers in 30+ countries having 3300 servers.

Also, it has a no-logs policy, DNS leak protection, faster speeds, and unlimited bandwidth.

  • Long established reputation with servers in lots of countries
  • Port forwarding
  • Security feature
  • Fast speed
  • Reliability
  • Split tunneling is not available
  • Slow customer response

Final Verdict

As far as torrenting safely is concerned, the NordVPN is the most popular VPN on Reddit having over 5000 autonomous servers, P2P support, impressive download speeds, and privacy.

We have explained Simply about the Top 5 Best Torrenting VPN.

If you want a secure VPN that comes with trusted experience, PIA can be a good choice.

So, good luck making a choice.


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