What Is Daknet Technology?

DakNet is an ad hoc network and internet service based on applied science that leverages wireless technology to deliver asynchronous digital connection. It is a hybrid of wireless and asynchronous services that serves as the first step on the path to ubiquitous broadband access.

Similarly, What is the meaning of DakNet?

As a result, “DakNet, whose name comes from the Hindi term for post or postal services, combines a physical mode of transportation with wireless data transmission to expand Internet access provided by a central uplink or hub, such as a cybercafé, VSAT system, or post office.

Also, it is asked, Why DakNet?

DakNet enables a smooth transition to universal broadband connection. The same technology, software, and user interface used for DakNet may be leveraged to enable real-time information access via the construction of fixed-location wireless antennas and towers when a village’s economic resources grow.


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