What Is Persuasive Technology?

Similarly, What are examples of persuasive technology?

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok are based on persuasive technology, which is technology designed to influence users’ beliefs, attitudes, or behaviors in order to achieve a certain purpose.

Also, it is asked, What is meant by persuasive technology?

The phrasepersuasive technology,” invented by Stanford researcher B.J. Fogg, refers to the incorporation of psychological insights into the design of goods such as mobile applications and wearables. The objective is to change people’s beliefs and behaviors.

Secondly, What is Persuasive Technology and how does it work?

Persuasive technology is a dynamic, multidisciplinary area of study that focuses on the creation, testing, and assessment of interactive technologies that use persuasion and social influence tactics to affect people’s behavior. The end objective is to encourage people to adopt healthy behaviors.

Also, How is persuasive technology used?

Persuasive technology is technology that has the ability to modify your attitude or behavior and inspire you to do something you wouldn’t do on your own. It’s mostly utilized in sales, politics, training, management, and public health, among other things.

People also ask, What is Persuasive Technology and how can it be used to promote physical activity?

“Any interactive computer system meant to affect people’s attitudes and actions” is what the phrase “persuasive technology” refers to (p. 1; [1]). Over 40,000 mobile phone applications aimed at persuading users to improve health habits such as physical activity, nutrition, and smoking are believed to exist [2].

Related Questions and Answers

What is Persuasive Technology and Behaviour change?

Persuasive Technology is a multidisciplinary subject of study. It focuses on the design, development, and evaluation of interactive technologies targeted at persuasion and social influence to change users’ opinions or behaviors.

Why is persuasive technology important?

Persuasive technology (PT) is increasingly being utilized in the health and wellness field to inspire and support people with a variety of lifestyles and behavioral health concerns in changing their attitudes and/or behaviors.

What is pervasive technology?

The trend toward more omnipresent networked computer sensors, devices, and networks that monitor and react transparently to human needs is known as pervasive information technology.

How persuasive technology can change your habits?

People must first be motivated in order to alter their behavior or beliefs on their own. However, if individuals aren’t motivated, persuasive technology may be able to change their attitude or behavior without the need of force or fraud, according to Chatterjee.

What is persuasive system design?

The PSD model (persuasive systems design) is a complete framework for designing and evaluating systems that might influence users’ attitudes or actions. The goal of this research was to use the PSD model to assess the persuasiveness of a CTA pilot program.

What is the main idea of BJ Fogg’s Persuasive Technology?

Dr. Fogg demonstrates how Web sites, software programs, and mobile devices may be used to affect people’s attitudes and behavior in this thought-provoking book based on nine years of captology study.

What can persuasive communicator do?

A persuasive communicator has the ability to persuade people to behave in a certain manner. A compelling communicator can manage obstacles, settle issues, and express goals and outcomes in a thoughtful and inclusive manner.

How does persuasion influence learning?

Persuasion is a Crucial Aspect of Instructional Design Persuasion becomes part of the subtle underlying message in an effort to persuade the audience that the new approach is the best way. Most individuals, as you may know, do not want their old methods of doing things to change. Then there are certain occasions when persuasion is more overt.

How do you manage your time with technology?

Organize your calendar and to-do list. Technology makes it easy to keep track of your schedule without having to go through paper calendars, emails, or old text messages. Many apps work together to add appointments to your reminders automatically, providing you a fully hands-free option.

Is pervasive computing a technology?

Pervasive computing is made up of three different technologies: Technology for microelectronics: This technique allows for the creation of a tiny, powerful gadget with a low energy consumption display.

What are the benefits of pervasive computing?

Users may easily incorporate non-intelligent items into smart surroundings thanks to pervasive computing. Smart devices feature internal microprocessors that enable them to link even basic items to sophisticated networks, such as phones, calculators, and kitchen appliances.

What social dilemma means?

Individual rationality leads to collective irrationality in circumstances known as social dilemmas. Individually justified action, in other words, results in a scenario in which everyone is worse off than they would have been otherwise.

How media is used for persuasion?

Persuasion is a technique used by the media to persuade their audience—the general public—to think about or view specific things. Contextual cues are added to media communications to encourage individuals to believe one way or the other about a topic and impact their behavior.

How powerful is the persuasion of social media?

40.91 percent of their purchases are impacted by social media/online reviews, while just 3.41 percent are influenced by commercials or adverts. Around 70.79 percent of respondents said that social media had affected their decision to buy beauty items.

How do you add persuasive techniques?

8 Ways to Improve Your Persuasive Writing Choose a subject that interests you. When it’s something you sincerely believe in, you’ll do your best persuasion. Know who you’re talking to. Attract the attention of the reader. Investigate all perspectives. Empathize with others. Pose rhetorical inquiries. Make your message as clear as possible. Keep repeating yourself.

What is Persuasive Technology in HCI?

In the realm of human-computer interaction (HCI), persuasive technology (PT) refers to interactive information technology meant to change users’ attitudes or behavior [1]. It might be game-changing for digital workplace design because of its manipulative and often unseen capacity to affect people.

What are 3 persuasive design features that are used on websites and apps?

Principles of Persuasive Design. Framing, reciprocity, scarcity, social proof, authority, and salience are six persuasive design concepts often employed by UX designers to improve user experiences.

How do you use persuasive design?

7 Persuasive Design Strategy Elements Reduction is the process of simplifying difficult jobs. Tunneling is a kind of guided persuasion in which the specialists are in charge. Placing triggers in the way of motivated students is a good idea. Provide alternatives to learners, and they are more likely to accomplish the activity they chose.

What is most prevalent form of persuasion technology?

Persuasive technology, according to Fogg, is an interactive computer system aimed at changing people’s views or behavior [6]. Smartphones, as well as practically all mobile apps, are persuasive technologies. Smartphones and almost all mobile apps may be used to persuade others.

What are the persuasive patterns?

Monroe’s motivated sequence, problem-cause-solution, and comparative advantage are three frequent patterns that persuaders might use to assist construct their arguments successfully.

What is the description of design?

A design is a plan or specification for building an item or system, or for carrying out an activity or process, or the output of that plan or specification in the form of a prototype, product, or process. To design is a verb that describes the process of creating a design.

What products are persuasive?

Consumers may be persuaded to purchase things based on their symbolism and use. Products for the beauty industry. Consumers may change the color and condition of their hair, as well as have smooth and well-manicured feet, thanks to the plethora of beauty products accessible. Sentimental Gifts are a kind of gift that is given for sentimental reasons. Automobiles that are awe-inspiring. Food has a strong appeal.

What is persuading in communication?

What Does It Mean to Communicate to Persuade? Persuasion is the process of providing arguments to persuade, motivate, or alter your audience. Persuasion may take the form of either implicit or explicit persuasion. Force, a trigger, or enough influence to effect a change are all examples of motivation.


The “examples of persuasive technology” is a broad term that refers to technology that uses the power of human-computer interaction to influence the behavior of humans. Examples include websites, advertisements, and apps.

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